Helen Purdy Weaver

Sitting in the Sherman Room, above the yearbooks are two copper pots, “receptacles for flowers” according to the inscriptions.  Three of these were presented to the library in honor of Mrs. Helen Purdy Weaver after her death, two remain.  Mrs. Weaver was born in 1850 in the Purdy home which set on South Main Street.  She was educated here, in Mansfield, in the public schools and attended the Women’s Seminary at College Hill in Cincinnati.  Mrs. Weaver devoted many years of service to the library and this is best stated in a tribute to her by the Memorial Library Board which appeared on the July 24, 1935 edition of the News-Journal.


Helen Purdy Weaver

Both items share the same inscription:


Three Receptacles for Flowers
In Memory of

Helen P. Weaver

A Founder of this Library
and for Thirty Years
Chairman of the Memorial Board

IMG_0325 IMG_0324


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