Postcards: Mansfield, Ohio Churches: Part 2

Here are some more of the many images of churches on postcards from Mansfield, Ohio.  Enjoy.

First Christian Church


First Christian Church stood on West Fourth Street next to Stuhldreher’s across from the Old Post Office.  It was used until a new building at West Third and Bowman was built in 1956.

Central Methodist Church


The cornerstone of the Central Methodist Church was laid in September 22, 1907 on the homestead grounds of John Sherman. Located at 378 Park Ave. West, it is constructed of limestone on the Old English style of architecture. The Church was formed in 1905 with 127 members.  The Church was dedicated on August 27, 1911.

First Methodist Church


Also known as First United Methodist Church located at N. Diamond and Park Ave. East.  One of Mansfield’s earliest congregations, the first recorded sermon was preached by Reverend Elisha W. Bowman in early November 1811, at the cabin of Jacob Newman.  A two story red brick church was built in this location and dedicated on July 3, 1870.  The cornerstone for the current church was laid on November 12, 1905 and it was officially dedicated on October 16, 1910.


First Congregational Church


First Congregational Church, 107 Park Avenue West. This magnificent structure burned on the night of February 11, 1942. The Congregation shared facilities with the Park Avenue Baptist Church until a new building could be constructed on the corner of Millsboro and Marion Avenues.

The Baptist Church


View of the Park Avenue Baptist Church on the northwest corner of Park Avenue West and North Walnut Street. Dedicated on June 17, 1863. The church moved further out Park Avenue in the late 1920’s. The old church was demolished to make way for the Farmer’s Bank Building.


Park Avenue Baptist Church nest to the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Memorial Building, now the Mansfield Memorial Museum.

St. Matthews Church


The first St. Matthew’s Church, which was located at 37 Park Avenue West. In 1904, the congregation agreed to share this church with the Reformed Presbyterian Church and purchased the building from the them on February 22, 1906.  This building was used until a new building at the corner of Sherman Place and Penn Avenue was constructed.

St. Luke’s Church


On December 16, 1888, St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, on the triangle of Marion Ave. and Park Ave. West, was dedicated.  There were many differences of opinion that resulted in the separation of the St. Luke’s congregation from The First Lutheran Church, which has set at the corner of Park Ave. West and Mulberry since 1894.  A final decision to withdraw from the church was made on April 16, 1886, and on July 2, 1886 St. Luke’s Evangelical Lutheran Church of Mansfield was organized.

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