Park Ave East Underpass

In mid-summer of 1924 the underpass or subway on Park Ave. East was completed.  Prior to this the street and railroad were at the same level and with the popularity of the Lincoln Highway there became a need to reduce traffic at the crossing.  The Park Ave East crossing of the Pennsylvania main line had also become one of the most dangerous crossings in the city, resulting in the death or injury of many citizens.  The estimated cost of the project was $128,000, but the city wouldn’t have the necessary funds.  The Pennsylvania Railroad would need to fund some of the cost.  They agreed to pay 65% of the cost, as long as the Third St. crossing was eliminated.  This is why East Third Street does not cross the railroad today.

The Contractor for the job was the Killbuck Sand & Gravel Co.  W. W. Purdy who was an engineer for the Killbuck Company came to Mansfield to supervise the project.  He stayed and stared The Purdy Construction Company, which is still in operation today.

Enjoy the photographs below of the construction process.  Click on image to enlarge.

A new street also needed to be added between 3rd and 4th streets.



The Mansfield News Journal. 08 MAY 1966, p. 5B.


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