The Razing of John Sherman’s Mansion


John Sherman’s home was razed not long after his death on October 22, 1900, it stood for only four more years.  There were those who wished to save the property and others for various reasons, either financial or they were not a fan of the former senator, who hoped the property would be demolished.  The two articles below from the Mansfield Daily Shield show these two points of view in 1904.  Eventually, the home was razed and lots were sold.  The full page ad from the Mansfield News describes the 71 lots made from the Sherman property.


Mansfield Daily Shield, October 4, 1904, p. 5


Mansfield Daily Shield, October 6, 1904, p. 2

ad 14MAR1904

Full page ad from the Mansfield News, March 14, 1904


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