What Was There? The Corner of West Third and North Walnut


North West Corner of West Third and North Walnut 05 MAY 1927. (Photo by W. G. Schwan)

On April 20, 1927, Louis Freundlich purchased the site on the corner of Walnut and Third Streets for the erection of a new building.  Prior to this, the site was the location of various frame structures.  The Christ Marinis Candy store sat on the corner and George Wing Laundry next to that in the same building.  In the next building at 28 West Third was Delcore Radio Products and at number 30 was John Drake & Co., a furniture store.  At 32 West Third was the Mansfield Electric Company and next to them at 34 was the Cleveland Press Agency.  Finally, before the Cotter Transfer and Storage Co. building which still stands today, was the home of Mrs. Grace L. Burns, widow of Dr. John M. Burns.


From The Mansfield News 07 DEC 1926, p. 19


From The Mansfield News 10 OCT 1927, p. 15

On January 30, 1928, the new Freundlich Store opened for business.  The company claimed it was “the most modernly equipped and one of the most beautiful stores of its kind in North Central Ohio.”


From the Mansfield Senior High School Manhigan 1928.



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