The Construction of Mansfield General Hospital

On January 20, 1914, members of the Board of Trustees of the Emergency Hospital met at the home of Frank B. Black on Blymyer Ave. to discuss the need for a general hospital in the city of Mansfield. At that meeting, members recognized there was an urgent need for a new facility.i  The following year a committee was organized and tasked with raising the $100,000, which was the estimate of what the institution would cost. The Mansfield General Hospital was chosen as the official name and the building would be of “ample size, absolutely fireproof and antiseptic or germ proof, as well as modern in every particular.”ii  July 4, 1915, was recognized as “Hospital Sunday” in area churches and the Mansfield Ministerial Association recognized that the building of a hospital was “a humanitarian movement of such merit as to deserve the earnest support of all citizens.”iii  By July 15, 1915, $150,150.76 had been pledged far exceeding the initial goal.


Mansfield General Hospital under construction (1917)

In November of 1915, it was decided that five acres of land on the Carpenter property on Glessner Avenue would be the best location for the new hospital. The building committee had reviewed 22 sites and with the help of Edward F. Stevens, a hospital expert from Boston, Mass., and the site was chosen. The committee also recommended Vernon Redding as the architect for the building, with Edward F. Stevens as a consulting architect.iv  On October 1, 1916, thousands of people witnessed the laying of the cornerstone for the new hospital.v  Progress on the new building was slow and, on July 16, 1917, two years after the money had been pledged, it was reported it would still be several months until the structure was ready for  It was hoped the Hospital would be opened around Thanksgiving of 1917,vii but a delay in plumbing fixtures being shipped and a plumbers strike pushed back the opening.viii  At the beginning of 1918, a new date of March 1 was chosen.ix This date also passed and, in April of 1918, a “definite date” of May 1 was chosen for the opening.x


Mansfield General Hospital (1925)

On May 9, 1918, Mansfield General Hospital was officially opened to the public for inspection and the dreams of more the 6,000 individuals who donated to the cause were realized.xi  On May 12, 1918, the new hospital was formally dedicated.xii


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