Sherman Room Librarian

My name is Mary (she/her/hers), and I am the new Local History and Genealogy Librarian at the Sherman Room. I am very excited to be joining the team and exploring the history of Mansfield and Richland County, and I wanted to take this opportunity to very briefly introduce myself.

I am not from Mansfield originally, but I was born and raised on the border of Licking and Knox Counties. I attended the College of Wooster and earned a Bachelor’s degree with a double major in History and Classical Languages (Latin and Ancient Greek) before moving to Maryland to earn my Master of Library and Information Science degree at the University of Maryland at College Park, with particular emphasis on archives and digital curation.

While I love researching almost anything in history, I do have a particular interest in the history of medicine and disease. My first internship was with the Licking County Records and Archives department, where I was responsible for processing and making a digital exhibit for their collection of tuberculosis sanatorium records. This project launched me headlong into the world of local history in Ohio and I have never looked back!

We will be returning to having more history- and genealogy-oriented weekly blog posts hopefully starting this weekend, but for now I will just say I look forward to researching the history of this area and sharing with you all! Please feel free to stop by and introduce yourselves or, as always, view any of our online resources through the Local History and Genealogy page here or our digital archives here.



Sherman Room Librarian

A tidbit from when all the Mansfield librarians were new to the library. Article from Mansfield Herald, 25 Jul 1889. p. 3. [1]

[1] “The Memorial Library.” Mansfield Herald (Mansfield, OH). July 25, 1889.

2 thoughts on “Sherman Room Librarian

  1. Hello Mary, I read the small news article you included in your post. I wonder if there are any archives of the old card files of who checked out what? If during your exploration of the Sherman Room you come across anything related to the Boulevards here in town please write about it. I have found plenty from scouring the old newspapers. One thing I have yet to find is any photos of the homes during construction. There has to be something somewhere showing that. Welcome to Mansfield!


    • Hi Jeff,
      To the best of my knowledge so far, the lending record cards were not retained or archived. Some of the old card catalog housings were kept and have been repurposed as seed libraries, though, like here at Main.
      I will certainly keep my eye out for anything about the Boulevards, and let you know if I come across anything.
      Thank you for the warm welcome!


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