Little Chats with Some Mansfield Businesswomen: The Full Collection

For Women’s History Month 2023, the Sherman Room featured a weekly column from the 1920s in an email list. We wanted to make sure that everyone was able to access the articles, so we gathered them together for you here! Click on any title to view the scan of the article with a transcription for easy reading.

Laura Konrad was a millinery (women’s hats) buyer at Reed’s.

Branson interviews Dr. Ada Ford, a well-respected physician.

Ida Ackerman worked for the Aultman & Taylor company, a local steam engine and farm equipment manufacturing company.

Florence MacDonald was a musician and singing instructor.

Mrs. Margaret K. Bange owned her own women’s hat shop for many decades in Mansfield.

Mildred Hickman was the Chief Operator for the Mansfield Telephone Company.

Mrs. John Snyder, who was born and raised in Germany, had her own catering company, which was often hired by local clubs including the Elks.

Jeanette C. Hoffman was the assistant treasury and secretary for the Security Savings and Trust Company.

Margaret Fundom was in charge of the Friendly House, and shares stories of her experiences there.

Ilene Martin was the purchasing agent for the Ohio Public Service Company.

Mrs. Mary Beal was the secretary for the Home Service Department of the Red Cross in Richland County, which provided aid to families of soldiers who were serving overseas.

Margaret Marlow was the secretary for Mansfield Tire & Rubber’s General Manager George Stephens (sometimes Stevens).

Mary E. Old was a delivery clerk for the Western Union Telegraph Company.

Mrs. Wade Urich was the matron for the Richland County Home, which cared for elderly citizens of Richland County.

Mrs. Grace Chambers owned her own Needlecraft Shop on Main Street.

Anna E. Engwiller was an optometrist.

Mrs. Francis Marriott Conley was a court stenographer.

Helen Adams, who was trained in dietetics, was the manager of the Evergreens restaurant, overseeing the staff and planning the menu.

Goldie Boals was the assistant advertising manager of the Tappan Stove Company.

Mamie Hill was a visiting nurse for Richland County.

Edith Douglas was in charge of the filing and telegraph departments for the Aultman & Taylor Company.

Florence Marquis was a clothes buyer for Maxwell’s.

Mabel Gass Torrence had her own business as a private stenographer.

Helen Fox was the librarian for the Mansfield library.

Mrs. Emma Hughes was the matron of the Richland County Children’s Home.

Sarah Alice Sloane worked in the international sales department for the Ohio Brass Company.

Edith Martien was an auditor for the Citizen’s Savings and Loans company.

Mrs. Susan Wheaton was a probation officer for young women in Richalnd County.

Anna Wheelock was a cashier for the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company.

Dorothy Greene was the community organizer for the Richland County Red Cross.

Jessie McIlvaine was the clerk for the Superintendent of the Mansfield schools.

Lena Colgan was the acting treasurer of the Westinghouse Electric Products Company.


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