Mansfield High School: Class of 1904


The Class as it appeared on graduation day, June 10, 1904

First Row (Seated – left to right): Edna Lantz, Clara Miller, Florence Sawhill, May Fidler, Eleanor Douglass, Angeline Brucker, Katherine Dirlam, Margaret Post.

Second Row (seated – center): Jacob Old, Marie Bromfield, Mabel Felger, Adrian V. Shaw.

Third Row (seated): Helen Wise, Inez Kagey, Pluma Buckmaster, Leila Finney, Etta Pfeifer, Helen Endley, Madge Courtney, Marguerite Hurst.

Fourth Row (standing – girls): Bernette Stewart, Florence Myers, Bessie Byerly, Gertrude Wherry.

Fifth Row (standing – boys): Seymour Cline, Ralph Yardley, Thomas Hall, Malcolm Platt, Edward Caldwell, Carl Sattler, Irwin Priest, Raymond Cahall (below), Medary Stark (above), Wilson Tanner, Clarence Angle, LeRoy Poole, Roy Carl, Howard Everly, Walter Jelliffe, Cecil Rainey.


The M.H.S. Track Team, 1903

First Row (seated): Osborne Meese, Otha McCormack (Coach), Charles Barton, Charles Berry.

Second Row (standing): Jacob Old, Thomas Hall, Malcolm Platt, LeRoy Poole, Medary Stark, Charles Jelliffe, Walter Jelliffe, Frank McCullough.


The M.H.S. Track Team, 1904

First Row: LeRoy Poole, Medary Stark, Albert Twichell, Charles Barton.

Second Row: Charles Berry, Walter Jelliffe, Wilson Tanner, Thomas Hall, Fred Greisinger, Malcom Platt (below).

Third Row: Jacob Old, Osborne Meese


The Football Team, fall of 1902

First Row: Henry Moore, Lee Davidson, Bert Brown, Lynn Cunningham (Captain), Medary Stark, Thomas Hall (manager).

Second Row: Charles Berry, Albert Twichell, Clarence Moffett (behind), Fred Herring, Malcolm Platt (behind), Raleigh Keltner, Carl Sattler.


The Football Team, Fall of 1903

Thomas Hall, Right end (manager); Malcolm Platt, Right Tackle; Ray Culp, Right Guard; Fred Fox, Center; Carl Sattler, Left Guard; Seymour Cline, Left Tackle; Charles Berry, Left End.

Osbourne Meese, Quarterback (Captain)

Henry Moore, Right Halfback; Albert Twichell, Fullback; Grant Cooke, Left Halfback.


Below is the 1904 Commencement Program: