Postcards: Mansfield, Ohio City Parks

Mansfield, Ohio is commonly referred to as a “City of Churches,” but at the turn of the century Mansfield also has its fair share of parks.


In A. J. Baughman’s History of Richland County, Ohio, from 1808 to 1908, he states that Mansfield is a “city of about twenty-four thousand people and covering about three thousand acres of ground, about one hundred and ten of which are in parks owned and maintained by the city, one of which is at the edge of the city and contains eighty-six acres, and one in the center of the city of about one and one-half acres.” There are “Also two private parks (free admission) with the usual amusements.”  These “usual amusements” included attractions like a dancing pavilion and roller coaster.

If you would like to see more of the photos the Sherman Room and the Mansfield/Richland County Public Library have available, please check out our page on The Cleveland Memory Project, where there are over 1030 images digitized.   These included more images of Mansfield City Parks, as well as images of other local landmarks and individuals.

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