1943 Mansfield Senior High Annual

The 1943 Mansfield Senior High Annual doesn’t resemble the Manhigan of other years.  That’s because there was almost no annual produced that year.  World War II was raging in Europe and many items at home need to be rationed.  Shortly before graduation, parents appealed to the board and Principal Glenn G Rohleder stating that something needed to be done to give the students an annual.  Board members, Rohleder and others pointed out that “supplies of printing paper and newsprint have been frozen and copper and zinc for engravings for publications have been limited by the government.”  President of the school board, H. W. Arlin added, “It’s a tragedy that the seniors can’t have annuals this year, but this is war and we are giving up a lot of the less essential things.”

A twelve page booklet was given to students at the June graduation.  The annual includes a dedication to Herman D. Bishop for his help with the book, Class Will and Testament, Class Prophecy, Class History, a tribute to the service men of the Class of ’43 and the identification of three group photographs.  Until recently, I had thought the photographs mentioned here were lost, as they were not attached to the book.  However, while doing an inventory of extra yearbooks, I found three group photographs stuck in a 1942 Manhigan.  I was able to determine that these were the missing photos from the 1943 annual by spotting Earl A. Mann, the class advisor, in each photograph.  The photographs are included here with the identification of the students.  I’m not sure how many of these survived the years, particularly with the photographs, but it is nice to see them together again.

Link to full 1943 Annual (minus photographs)

View other yearbooks here



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